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Office Computer Maintenance and IT Outsource Support

System Maintenance

Our system maintenance can empower the stability of your company operation and the work efficiency of your staff. One of the maintenance plans below can meet your needs.

I.T. Outsourcing

SMARTS can provide various brands of software and hardware. In addition, we can also provide IT development plans, such as project management & system integration with the existing equipment, for your company. All these services bring you the advantages of IT technology.

SMARTS teamed up with a group of experienced IT technicians for solution services. We can handle all the levels of your network, such as PC, server, firewall and cloud applications. Just pass the I.T. work to us, we will manage it well and solve problems for you.

1-10 Staff

Generally, it is not affordable for a small company to hire an IT staff to maintain the operation of computer system. Our annual maintenance plan for Small Business provides efficient support with an attractive price. We can provide also suggestions for your future development.

10-50 Staff

For company size under 50 people, it would be extravagant to have an in-house IT department. If you hire a technician with entry level experience, his or her know-how may be incapable of keeping pace with the development of the company. Our outsourcing service is the best choice for your daily operation and future expansion. 

50-100 Staff

If you run a mid-sized business within 50-100 people, you are often caught in the squeeze between having an in-house IT department and outsourcing service. However, an employment of a senior engineer is too costly for such the bulk of IT daily work. Especially in the upgrade period of major infrastructure and software, your IT department probably not able to handle all the jobs smoothly. 

100+ Staff

Companies with 100+ employees generally have its own IT department. IT manager usually have development plans for the company requirement. We can work directly underneath the IT manager and help him/her to complete the task on time. 

On-site Installation and Computer Repair Service


We offer fast and convenient SOS on-site service, including on-site computer equipment installation and on-site computer repair services. On-site installation service covers some of the major computer products, suitable for individual or corporate users, including:

On-site Computer Installation

On-site computer installation service for customers to install new desktop computer products, including basic cable connection, peripheral connection, basic computer settings, basic software such as Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, etc. (customers need to bring their own genuine software) installation, etc.

On-site Printer Installation

On-site printer installation service for customers to install new printer products, including basic cable connection, consumables installation, driver installation, basic printer setup, function testing, etc.

On-site Router Installation

On-site router installation service for customers to install new router products, including basic cable connection, network setup, WI-FI setup, device connection, etc.

On-site NAS Installation

On-site NAS installation service for customers to install new NAS products, including basic NAS assembly, cable connection, network settings, backup mode settings, access rights settings, etc.

On-site IP CAM Installation

On-site IP Cam installation service provides customers with the installation of new IP CAM products, including basic cable connection, network configuration, recording configuration, cell phone monitoring software installation and configuration, etc.

On-site Computer Repair or Data Transfer

On-site computer repair or data transfer service includes on-site repair, WINDOWS re-installation, software installation, etc. for client’s desktop or laptop computer, as well as data transfer service.


System Integration

SMARTS can provide various brands of software and hardware. In addition, we can also provide IT development plans, such as project management & system integration with the existing equipment, for your company. All these services bring you the advantages of IT technology.

I.T. Consultancy

Analyst and planning are very important in a computer system. We can design an appropriate network to match the development of your company.

Company Growth Planning

Is planning for business expansion equal to spending a lot of money on IT structure? SMARTS will discuss with you and weigh up the pros and cons of any IT investment. Let you avoid suffering from unnecessary investment. 

Company Downsize Planning

No one is happy when a company is forced to downsize the structure. However it may be merely a strategic manner for a short period of time. Outsourcing the IT work to SMARTS is a good decision for seamless transition of work and keep the network in control to prevent from interruption. 

Multi-office Integration

Integrating offices in various locations by cloud computing, remote desktop service and VPN technology. All these technologies are widely used in many industries and computing environments. Your office will never be limited by your location. 

Access Control and Attendance Monitoring Systems


ADMINIS is a highly flexible and user-friendly comprehensive HR management system with its backend system design that can handle different requirements and reduce heavy work time. Through HR reporting and analysis, it helps managers to make decisions and achieve the goal of “Assign jobs to whoever has talent.”. With Time and Attendance (TA), Corporate Administration (CA) and Human Resources (HR) modules, the system is fully functional to help you improve your work efficiency.


Record employee access, leave application and approval. Facilitate the handling of scheduling, roster, out-of-office or business trip applications, etc.


Record every work flow, steps, produce work instructions and progress charts, manage warehousing and logistics, establish company job structure, etc.


Convenient and user-friendly payroll calculation system, record all personnel changes, assist in recruiting and evaluating employees.


The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) aims to support local enterprises/organisations in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. The upper limit of funding is $600,000. 

Key Features:
– Not a listed company in Hong Kong, and not a government subvented. organisation of subsidiary of any government subvented organisation.
– Each enterprise/organisation may receive a cumulative funding up to $600,000.
– up to 6 projects per enterprise/organisation.
– Successful applicants must contribute no less than one fourth of the total project cost.


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