Access Control and Attendance Monitoring Systems


We have developed the ADMINIS Personnel Control System to provide Time Attendance (TA), Corporate Administration (CA) and Human Resources (HR) modules. It provides comprehensive functions, high flexibility and user-friendly design to handle different requirements and reduce work time.


ADMINIS is a highly flexible and user-friendly comprehensive HR management system with its backend system design that can handle different requirements and reduce heavy work time. Through HR reporting and analysis, it helps managers to make decisions and achieve the goal of “Assign jobs to whoever has talent.”. With Time Attendance (TA), Corporate Administration (CA) and Human Resources (HR) modules, the system is fully functional to help you improve your work efficiency.


Record employee access, leave application and approval. Facilitate the handling of scheduling, roster, out-of-office or business trip applications, etc.


Record every work flow, steps, produce work instructions and progress charts, manage warehousing and logistics, establish company job structure, etc.


Convenient and user-friendly payroll calculation system, record all personnel changes, assist in recruiting and evaluating employees.


Leave Management

  1. System automatically increments annual leave
  2. Annual leave can be incremented at the end of the year or before the contract period
  3. Employees can apply for leave by themselves
  4. Supervisor or administration department approves annual leave
  5. Automatic deduction of annual leave
  6. Employees can check the remaining annual leave by themselves

Access Control

  1. Support remote location access control management
  2. Different employee privileges can be set
  3. Card reader and fingerprint machine can be selected

Shift Scheduling

  1. Starting time for the shift can be customized
  2. Fixed shift employees do not need to schedule every time
  3. Flexible scheduling of shifts
  4. Support 24-hour uninterrupted shift
  5. Support for shifts beyond 00:00 a.m.
  6. Employee shifts can be corrected retroactively

Attendance and Business Trip

  1. Suitable for business trip or out of office work
  2. Work overtime can be requested in advance
  3. Supervisor or administration department can approve the application
  4. Automatic clocking of employees during business trips

Process Management

  1. Divide the workflow into different steps
  2. Support parallel and branch steps
  3. Each step can be assigned to a specific staff member
  4. Clear flow chart for easy reference
  5. Can be used as a guide to record the work of departments and employees

Work Management

  1. Follow the work steps according to the process sequence
  2. Automatic notification to the responsible person when a step should be initiated
  3. Gantt chart for easy viewing of progress

Material Management

  1. Monitor the quantity of office supplies
  2. Set up quantity notification to facilitate replenishment of orders
  3. Record various equipment information
  4. Employees can request various stationery items
  5. Report the petty cash receipts
  6. Administrative staff for approval and distribution

Organizational Structure

  1. Establish the department structure
  2. Set the employee’s supervisor
  3. Create company structure chart according to employee’s position

Prepare payroll

  1. Input employee base salary
  2. Process base salary adjustment and change
  3. Handle severance arrangements
  4. Sending payroll to employees

Personnel Records

  1. Employee details
  2. Customize personnel event types
  3. Record employees’ career history
  4. Reviewing the progress of employee’s work


  1. Defining the duties of each job
  2. Record the content of recruitment advertisement
  3. Job requirements and resume
  4. Record applicant information

Performance Appraisal

  1. Conduct regular employee performance appraisals
  2. Define different skill categories and items
  3. Rate employees’ skills
  4. Assist in setting goals and improving performance with employees
  5. View past appraisal information


  • The company can set up a card machine system to record employee attendance

  • The company can simplify the leave application process, and employees can apply for leave anytime, anywhere

  • The company requests employees to clock in and record the time when they work from home or go out to work

  • The company has a record of the employee’s being late to work or absence in order to calculate the salary.


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