Office Computer Maintenance and IT Outsource Support


Our team of IT professionals is responsible for the maintenance of your company's computers, providing on-site, remote and telephone support for all types of emergencies, extending the life of your computers, helping you reduce costs and solving problems.

System Maintenance

Flexible and Reliable Maintenance Service

Our system maintenance can empower the stability of your company operation and the work efficiency of your staff. One of the maintenance plans below can meet your needs.

SMARTS teamed up with a group of experienced IT technicians for solution services. We can handle all the levels of your network, such as PC, server, firewall and cloud applications. Just pass the I.T. work to us, we will manage it well and solve problems for you.

1-10 Staff

Generally, it is not affordable for a small company to hire an IT staff to maintain the operation of computer system. Our annual maintenance plan for Small Business provides efficient support with an attractive price.  We can provide also suggestions for your future development.

10-50 Staff

For company size under 50 people, it would be extravagant to have an in-house IT department. If you hire a technician with entry level experience, his or her know-how may be incapable of keeping pace with the development of the company. Our outsourcing service is the best choice for your daily operation and future expansion. 

50-100 Staff

If you run a mid-sized business within 50-100 people, you are often caught in the squeeze between having an in-house IT department and outsourcing service. However, an employment of a senior engineer is too costly for such the bulk of IT daily work. Especially in the upgrade period of major infrastructure and software, your IT department probably not able to handle all the jobs smoothly. 

100+ Staff

Companies with 100+ employees generally have its own IT department. IT manager usually have development plans for the company requirement. We can work directly underneath the IT manager and help him/her to complete the task on time. 


Our SMB computer maintenance solutions are flexible and reliable, offering multiple ways to support your business

Unlimited Telephone IT Support

Provide unlimited live IT support over the phone to answer your questions anytime, anywhere

Remote IT Support

Remote support for computer with remote control program

On-site IT Support

On-site emergency technical support for computer inspections and repairs

Number of computersAnnual ChargesThe Welcome Offer


Above 10 pcs Please contact us

Please contact us for additional server support services.

*The above service offers will take effect from July 1, 2024.

I.T. Outsourcing


SMARTS can provide various brands of software and hardware. In addition, we can also provide IT development plans, such as project management & system integration with the existing equipment, for your company. All these services bring you the advantages of IT technology.

SMARTS teamed up with a group of experienced IT technicians for solution services. We can handle all the levels of your network, such as PC, server, firewall and cloud applications. Just pass the I.T. work to us, we will manage it well and solve problems for you.

IT Consultant

Our professional IT consultant team regonize the best approach to control hazard and unpredictability, financial balancing and administrative prerequisites. Provide the best tailor made IT solution for your company.

IT Outsource

IT outsourcing monthly service to solve all your computer problems. Professional advice, reliable confidence, and guaranteed speed! Monthly IT support services to help you solve computer problems, manage IT equipment and prevent problems from occurring.

IT Infrastructure Management

Reviewing and managing various IT infrastructures for your business, providing professional advice for further maintenance and replacement decisions, ensuring that your office is well equipped with modern IT equipment.

IT Audit

Evaluate the enterprise IT infrastructure, policies and operating models, estimate the security risks of the company’s data and property, develop the best plan to control and manage your company.


This is the scope of our computer maintenance and IT outsource support services

  • IT Infrastructure Planning and Maintenance

    Review and manage the various IT infrastructures for your business, providing advice and planning for further actions such as adding new devices, equipment upgrades, repairs, maintenance, etc. Ensure your office is well-equipped with appropriate and modern IT equipment.

  • Software technical support and installation

    We provide technical support services for all kinds of common office software to help customers learn to operate the software or solve their problems. We can also provide technical support by remote control.

  • Network design, cabling and installation

    Our team of network experts can design a complete, fast and stable network for you, allowing your business to flourish with a solid network foundation.

  • Hardware Inspection and installation

    We provide customer-oriented advice or assistance in hardware repair, upgrade or replacement based on the customer's needs.

  • Virus prevention and removal

    Evaluate the security of data on customers' computers, provide customers with professional advice on how to respond and prevent computer viruses, and perform various virus scanning and removal tasks to build a safer network environment for customers

  • Various Server Support

    Servers emphasize the management of workstations and the efficient use of resources through virtualization technology. We offer solutions based on our server setup experience.

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