Conference Room Equipment and System Installation Solutions


Specifically designed for Hong Kong office conference room, including video conferencing system, touch panel, projector and screen, audio system and other equipment, etc., and system installation and planning projects


Our conference room equipment and system installation solutions are designed for Hong Kong office, including video conferencing, projectors, audio, video conferencing, screen controllers and many other equipment and system installation and planning projects.

All-inclusive conference room projects

Our conference room projects are suitable for all industries in Hong Kong, and include a wide range of equipment and systems for small, medium and large meeting rooms, such as projectors and screens, sound mixing and broadcasting systems, gooseneck microphones, video conference cameras, central control systems, touch screen controllers, large LED displays, conference phone speakers, headphones and microphones, and more. There is a wide range of products that will meet your requirements.


Interactive Touch Panel Display Solution

SMARTS provides Interactive Touch Panel Display for various venues and functions. Interactive Touch Panel Display has wide range of screen size from 55 to 86 inches with 4K resolution. Connectivity of Interactive Touch Panel Display is rich and diverse. The most convenient way to connect the network is connecting a computer by wifi. If you want a powerful model, a modular computer can be installed into the Interactive Touch Panel Display. The brightness of the display is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. We have solid experience for installing Interactive Touch Panel Display for various company, organization and school. If you are interested in this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration. 

What is interactive touch panel Display?

An interactive touch panel display is an LED panel with a touch enabled screen. This unique aspect of the screen allows you to interact or touch, manipulating the content displayed. These interactive touch panels come in sizes ranging from 55 up to 86 inches. Features of an Interactive touch screen include a pen or finger-touch enabled screen, giving an accurate touch experience. Along with this are interactive, collaborative opportunities for learning or presentations, with others able to contribute either on the screen or via a wireless-enabled device.An embedded computer module is an option to empower the panel for upgrading to act as an individual computer. The Display can do more than just presentation, you can also collaborate on projects with users who has joined the meeting wherever they are.An interactive touch panel display can be installed on wall-mounted frame or mobile stand. If you installed the display in a mobile stand, it is convenient to move for various purposes in various meeting room or hall.

Free and flexible product selection

We have partnership with many brands, such as LOGITECH, FUJITSU, EPSON, BENQ, PHILIPES, VIEWSONIC, MICROSOFT, etc. We have a wide range of products with different prices to choose from, so you can choose the suitable products to your office within your budget and create the perfect office.

Fujitsu & BenQ Interactive Panel

BenQ 75” 4K UHD Interactive Panel

Board Pro RP7503 | 75”

Upgrade your workspaces with BenQ’s newest corporate interactive display designed to help teams collaborate more creatively and efficiently.. Empower your teams to share ideas freely and solve problems effectively with BenQ’s most powerful interactive display.

Fujitsu 65” 4K UHD Interactive Panel

Interactive Panel IW652 Pro

Fujitsu Interactive Panel is the essential hub for modern meeting spaces as well as digitize classrooms. Compared to projector-based systems, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel offers unparalleled visual performance and fosters collaboration to elevate meeting and teaching efficiency.


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