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Data is your company's most important asset and deserves better protection. Improve your data security immediately, to prevent loss due to network attacks or system errors.


As your company's data volume grows, it is time to consider ways to improve access speed, sharing, scalability and hardware redundancy. Based on our past experience in setting up network storage systems, we will set up an effective and secure storage system for our customers. Data is a company's most important asset and deserves better protection than you can provide.

What is data storage?

In the digital age, data, documents and other things are no longer physical and all information can be stored digitally. This information is vital to the company’s operations and needs to be stored properly to prevent it from being lost or stolen by unscrupulous people. Apart from storing it on computers, companies should have different solutions in place to secure their data. Data can be stored and backed up on either a physical device or a virtual platform, and users can choose the method of storage that suits their needs.

Types of Data Storage

Data can be stored in a variety of ways, and as long as it is stored in the correct way and with adequate backup, there is no fear of data loss. There are different types of storage available in the market, so you can choose the most effective one according to your needs and conditions to keep your data safe. The following are some of the more common types of data storage available in the market:

1. Hard disk
Using hard drives to store large amounts of data is the most basic and common way to do this. There are two main types of hard drives today, HDD and SSD, both are physical devices and can be taken away at any time. HDD is the simplest method of storage, as users simply buy their own hard drive of the right size and then store their data on it. The risk of losing the hard drive or not being able to access the data on the hard drive is a concern.

2. Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage refers to the storage of data on a cloud provider’s server over a network. Users can connect to the cloud provider’s servers over the network at any time and store and read the data stored on the servers at any time anywhere. When purchasing a cloud storage service, the provider must ensure that the data is protected from theft or accidental loss. Users can also choose the amount of storage they need based on their needs and usage habits, to reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. Network Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a physical storage device. As a device for storing and sharing data, users only need to connect to the NAS over a network to access their data. Unlike cloud storage, NAS users can connect via a private network for greater security. Furthermore, NAS can be customized to suit the needs of the user, whether it is a large organization or an average home user, and can be combined to suit their needs.

Data Storage Methods

Software-Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage is a virtualized storage system that uses software to determine how data is stored and managed, increasing the scalability and flexibility of data storage and giving users greater control over managing and storing their data.

Object Based Storage

Object-based storage is suitable for storing unstructured data, where the data is designated as separate units and all related relay data is stored together. Object storage is more scalable and cost effective than other methods. Object storage is mainly used for files such as photos, videos and sound.

File storage

File storage is the process of storing data as a file in a folder, just like physical data, where all relevant data is stored in the same file and in the same location. It is the most similar to the human mode of operation of all the storage methods, but it takes extra time for the computer to process.

Block Storage

Block storage is a way of splitting data into different blocks and storing them in the most accessible location to make data access more efficient. Block storage is suitable for users who need to reduce latency and access data quickly within a short period of time, but the use of block storage is more expensive than other methods and users should consider this carefully.

The Most Valuable Asset of Your Business

Data is an essential asset for any business. Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, developing a data-based strategy allows you to analyze the needs of your business better. But many small businesses are not properly maintained, leaving statistics vulnerable to leakage and the impact can be far-reaching. That’s exactly what our data backup services can do for you.

Find the best solution for you

Our product portfolio is made up of multiple forms of services to meet your specific requirements, including firewall setup, network security assessments, and more. We will provide you with the most suitable solution for your business so that your data can be adequately protected.

Customization of Network Protection

Most of our services are customizable to protect your system against specific cyber security risks. Create unique protection settings to mitigate your risks with the most effective and cost-efficient plan.


  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery (DR) refers to how a business will implement its proposed system to quickly restore the company to normal operations after a negative event.

  • Provide Business Continuity Expertise

    SMARTS's business continuity expertise goes beyond routine management requirements and regulatory processes to create a rapid solution that helps businesses of all types to continue and recover from critical business functions in an emergency situation.

  • Centralized Management of Your Backups

    We centralizes all of your enterprise's backup and recovery policies. In the event of a disaster or security breach, recovery of critical computer data is just a few clicks away.

  • Enterprise internal and cloud data backup

    Our in-house data backup and recovery company keeps a system-wide picture with instant local recovery capabilities. Secure cloud solutions with additional offline replicas, confirming each replica with daily screenshots.

  • Flexible schedule

    With flexible schedules to meet your internal and external requirements, you will be able to view your entire backup and recovery process and thus become real-time accurate.

  • Data Replication for Enhanced Security

    We ensures that your data remains more resilient, thus reducing the need to copy data from multiple data centers. Ensure that your company is up and running and other processes are carried out in a secure data center.


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