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Build a stable, fast, secure, high coverage, low cost Wi-Fi network environment for your office to greatly enhance work efficiency

WI-FI wireless network installation solution

We are not only sell a series of wireless network equipment, but also has a wireless network Wi-Fi installation solution for local office environment in Hong Kong, from equipment procurement, to laying, cable pulling and setup, to create a stable, fast, secure, high coverage, low cost Wi-Fi network environment for you. Suitable for various SME offices, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and other venues in Hong Kong.

What is wireless network (WI-FI)?

The wireless network allows users to connect to the network using their devices without being restricted by physical cables, and walking anywhere within the Wi-Fi coverage area will not affect the network reception. WI-FI wireless network requires a router to connect to a network modem and then provide the network data through the router to create a Wi-Fi signal that can be received and used by the user’s device. Wi-Fi makes life more convenient and flexible, but before you can use Wi-Fi, you need to face the challenge of choosing and installing a router.

Mesh Wi-Fi

For offices and shopping malls, where one router may not be sufficient to cover the entire area, Mesh Wi-Fi can be used. Mesh Wi-Fi is composed of two or more routers that can support mesh Wi-Fi function. When a user uses Wi-Fi, it will automatically connect to the router closest to the user’s location in the Mesh Wi-Fi network. Then, the user can be connected to the same network throughout the entire space, ensuring a smooth connection.

Is Wi-Fi secure?

When connecting to your router, you need to make sure that your password is not leaked, password setting is the greatest security for using Wi-Fi. The most common encryption methods used by routers are WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3, with the more secure WPA2 being used to prevent others from easily breaking your password. As long as your password is secure, your network data will not be compromised by connecting to the router.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E is the latest Wi-Fi standard to be announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2020, with E standing for “Extension”, an extension of Wi-Fi 6 technology (802.11 ax). By adding a new 6GHz band with 14 additional 80MHz bandwidths and 7 additional 160MHz bandwidths, Wi-Fi 6E solves the problem of insufficient bandwidth for the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, increasing capacity to solve network congestion and thus improving Internet performance.

You need a stable Wi-Fi connection

We know that efficiency and productivity are important to company operations, so we offer different service options and advice to Hong Kong SMEs. We provide you with the suitable Wi-Fi solution with reliable connection technology, fast speed, and extensive signal coverage to keep your company operating in the best network environment.

Flexible and fast Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi hotspots are able to reach every area by using multiple access points. We can also provide comprehensive indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi systems, and can even provide you with customized WI-FI solutions based on the size, location and working environment of your business. Our Wi-Fi services are reliable and cost-effective, allowing you to stay connected to your partners without worrying about slow and unstable networks.

Troubleshoot and optimize your existing wireless network

The ideal WiFi layout for optimal performance

  • Each WiFi layout is specifically tailored to meet your different requirements
  • Implemented with the latest network security and duty-based architecture
  • Suitable for companies of all sizes and architectures


  • On-site assessment

  • Wireless network planning and placement

  • Router and access point setup and connection

  • Consistent Wi-Fi configuration settings

  • Installation and system performance evaluation

  • Wireless network system maintenance

  • Guest monitoring of network settings

  • Qos bandwidth and priority settings


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