Terms and Conditions


SMARTS Maintenance Service (S.M.S) Terms and Conditions Updated: 

1. Definition and Interpretation

“We”, “us”, “ours”, “our” means Systemartix Technology Services Limited, its employees and authorized representatives
“Customer”, “you”, “your”, “yours” means our customer, to whom we provide maintenance services
“Third Party”, “others” means any parties not of the above category
“Maintenance Service” means the services describe below

2. Maintenance Service & Time of Service
Response time for different service plan vary, your chosen service plan is listed in the official invoice.
Service Hour
On-site service hour: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (except public holidays)
Hotline service hour: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm (except public holidays)

3. Support Service
We will furnish labor to repair mechanical breakdown of the product specified in this contract.

4. Handling of Information
• We will keep all customer given password and setting information confidential
• No data will be taken out of customer premises by us without your consent
• All your data are strictly for repair purpose and will never disclose to third party

5. Customer Responsibilities
• Customer must provide all software or drivers required
• Customer must ensure all software given to us during service support are legal copies and adhere to their respective license
• Do not apply setting or changes not instructed by us
• You must provide setting details, admin username, password and software required for support
• You should make periodic backup of your data
• Customer must notify SMARTS if any hardware products serviced are being used in an environment that poses a potential health hazard
to our employees or subcontractors; We may not cater service under these environment
• Customer must ensure that an adult representative is present when SMARTS is providing services at customer’s designated location or by
• If remote support is available, customer will allow us to keep system and network diagnostic program to resident on the covered product
and provide SMARTS login access for the exclusive purpose of performing diagnostics.
• You have no ownership interest in diagnostic software provided by SMARTS and that SMARTS will remove these diagnostic programs or
any loaned products upon termination of the maintenance service.

6. Exception of Support/Limitation of Coverage• Surcharge required for installation of new / replacement / add-on products
• Surcharge required for Sat, public holidays and non-office hour service
• Surcharge required for emergency Server/ Workstation service
• Surcharge required for new / replacement printer and computer installation
• Surcharge required for setup Smartphone and PAD devices
• Surcharge required for relocation / Network Device / server / NAS services
• No maintenance coverage for non-SMARTS computers after replacement
• Exclude any post-effective date purchased equipment
• Exclude data protection/restore if no backup system present
• Exclude support for any tailor-made application
• Exclude support, installation or data migration for any accounting software
• Exclude support for any copier
• Exclude any Software / Operating System version upgrade or migration
• Exclude any PC and printer replacement parts or mechanical repair

7. Cautions
• You may request emergency on-site visit at a surcharge, but emergency request fulfillment is not guaranteed and are subject to SMARTS
• This maintenance extends only to the original purchaser of this maintenance and is not transferable to anyone who obtains ownership of
the customer premises from the original purchaser.
• This maintenance is applicable in Hong Kong only.
• We are not responsible for the restoration or reinstallation of any programs or data other than software installed by SMARTS when the
product is delivered.
• Relocation of product is customer’s responsibility and may result in additional service charges and modified service response times.
• We are not liable for the performance or non-performance of third party vendors, their products, or their support services.
• Our decision on how long to offer support on selected non-SMARTS products is final.

8. Amendments
• This is the entire contract and no other modifications are valid
• Signing the quotation of any maintenance services implies you has already read through and accepts the terms and conditions stated in
this document
• SMARTS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
• In case of any dispute, SMARTS reserves the right of final decision.

9. Termination
We may terminate maintenance services at any time if customer fails to perform or observe any provisions of these terms and condition

10. Limitation of Liabilities
We will not under any circumstances liable for any incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to, property damages, lost time,
lost data resulting from the breakdown or failure of any equipment or from delays in servicing.
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